OUTFIT: Parka and stuff


When I was way younger than I am now, a Parka was seen as piece of clothing that you’d either wear in the army (the german army had fabulous long lasting parkas) or when you’d work in the garden. No one ever thought of this item becoming a fashionable piece of clothing. Now, the khaki green jackets have come a long way from the runways to us, and I am grateful to whoever initiated this trend. I love my parka! Especially on those slightly chilly, but windy and rainy days in Cape Town and even more so when I can match them with some heels to add contrast. This outfit here was initially meant to be blue all over until I considered this parka jacket to add some khaki spice! If there is one practical yet classic piece of clothing that I wouldn’t want to miss it would be this one!

Love and everything else * Clara

Photos taken by the lovely Jean Collins

I am wearing: Shirt: Scapa Sports – Blue knitted jersey: Woolworths SA – Men’s Cargo Pants: Studio W by Woolworths SA – Brown leather belt: Levi’s – Brown leather heels: Woolworths SA – Parka Jacket: Country Road








2 thoughts on “OUTFIT: Parka and stuff

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